What to Do If You’re Deferred from College

There are some things you can do if you are deferred from a college to help with your admissions process, which are outlined below. But before we get into the specific actions, let’s make sure you know what deferral actually means.

What Being Deferred Means

A college deferral means that if you had applied early action or early decision to a college, that school is not going to accept you during the early action or early decision process. They are going to defer – or put off – making a decision about your admission and push your application to the regular decision pool of applicants. So, a deferral is not a decline nor is it an acceptance; it is a second chance for admission into a college.

Things to Do If You Are Deferred from a School

So, you were deferred. Now what? What can you do to help your chances of being accepted? Here are some tips.

Decide If the College Is Still a Top Choice for You

Consider if the school is still on the top of your list. If so, of course, you will want to do whatever you can to improve your chances of getting admitted and follow our tips below. However, if you have changed your mind about the school, you won’t want to put in the effort.

Follow the College’s Guidelines

First and foremost, if the college from which you were deferred specifically states to NOT send them anything else, then don’t send them anything! It is very important to make sure that you read everything that the college has sent you that relates to deferral. If they don’t want you to add anything to consider in the admissions process, then follow that direction. If the college did not tell you to not send them anything, follow the recommendations below.

Send Mid-Year or First Quarter Grades

Your midyear grades or your first quarter grades might boost your application if they were better than the grades that you sent previously. Improved grades could make a positive impact on your admissions status.

Email the Admissions Office

Write an email to the admissions office restating your reasons for why the school is a top choice for you. In this email, you may want to update any achievements that have happened since you submitted your application so that they can note that in your file.

Send an Additional Letter of Recommendation

Now is a great time to send another letter of recommendation from a specific teacher that you may have missed when you were sending your application.

Visit the School

Visiting the school is always helpful. First and foremost, it demonstrates interest in the school. It also helps you make a more informed decision about where the school stands on your list of choices.

In addition to the above, make sure to not negate or put aside the other schools you have applied to regular decision. Make sure you follow up on everything with those schools as well. You want to keep all of your options open.

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