When is it time to start your college search?

When is it time to start your college search?

“I know it might be too early to begin our college search” says the parent of a junior in high school, March of their junior year, or the parent of a sophomore who is about to finish their school year. I respond to those parents of a junior in high school, it is absolutely not too early, and to the parents of a sophomore, you are right on time.

College search is the foundation of any student’s college admissions journey and is the point in the process that should take the majority of your time. It is a time for discovery in finding out what your best-fit criteria are and the list of colleges that meet those criteria. If you don’t get this piece of the process right the remaining steps, no matter how well you may execute them, may be for nothing.

The financial and emotional losses can be incredibly significant if you don’t put the time, effort and energy into finding out what college’s best-fit your child. The discovery process is a year in the making, hence why starting at the end of your child’s sophomore year is the perfect time.

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