When Is the Best Time to Submit College Applications?

As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. And that also applies to submitting college applications. With all the technology and data available today, colleges can tap into submission timing. They date and time stamp your application. Submitting your application much earlier than set deadlines indicates to them that you have sincere interest in attending their institution. That interest then plays into admissions decisions. As to the best time to submit your college applications, while specific deadline dates hinge on the type of application you are submitting – early action, early decision or regular decision – we recommend to our students that all applications, regardless of type, be submitted no later than the end of September or early October. Our students actually aim to submit some, if not all, of their college applications at the end of summer before school starts.

Keep in mind that early action and early decision deadlines are typically around November 1st, with some later and a few earlier. So you need to know the specific application deadlines for each school to which you are applying. But if you are diligent and do your work, you won’t have to stress about those deadlines at all because you will have submitted your applications long before they arrive.

To Submit Your College Applications by End of September, You Need to Start Working on Them Early

We are of the belief that you should not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. And this is particularly true when it comes to working on your college applications. Time is of the essence! Students that work with our team work on completing the general portion of their Common Application in the June-July time frame prior to the start of their senior year. They focus on the general information of the application, as well as the primary essay, at this time. Then, when the new Common App and other applications become available in August, we work on those applications.

Below are some articles that will help you complete your applications:

College Application Timing Takeaway

Colleges know if you’ve been diligent and been working on your application earlier rather than trying to submit it at the last minute. So, our advice to you is to work on your college applications over the summer and submit them by the end of September, or at least way before the deadline.

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