Williams College

Williams College, Williamstown, MA

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As you drive through peaks and valleys with little to see other than the beautiful scenery, for 40+ miles on windy roads, you arrive in Williamstown, an upscale small town with shops, restaurants (but know the town doesn’t allow franchises) and plenty of New England charm. It is at the base of a mountain, located in the Berkshires. Opportunities abound, academically and socially. Boundaries are only defined by where your imagination can take you. Students are diverse from varying backgrounds, curious and are willing and excited to pursue areas that they have never thought to do. Williams College is a wonderful surprise!

• Private
• Undergraduate enrollment – 2,080 (All undergraduates)
• Admit rate – 15%
• Financial Aid forms required – FAFSA, CSS Profile
• Retention rate – 98%
• Mid 50% SAT/ACT range – 690-790/29-35
• Student to faculty ratio – 6:1
• Liberal Arts College, diving into depth and breadth for the students education
• Have divisional course requirements, divided into 3 divisions (Languages and the arts; Humanities; Math and science) – Need to take 3 classes in each
• All students are given an adviser the summer prior to their freshman year
• Declare your major or majors by the end of their sophomore year
• Can declare a concentration, which is similar to a minor but is interdisciplinary
• Average class size is 13 students
• All courses taught by a faculty member
• Tutorial class – 2 students and 1 professor – offered across all disciplines and levels
• 4-1-4 academic calendar – 4 classes in the fall and spring semesters and 1 course in January for 3.5 weeks – This is a pass-fail course – Different kind of courses to try something different and also offered by residents in the community and alumni, in addition to professors. After freshman year can do study away for your 1 course in January
• Students are in class 6-8 hours per week
• 50% of students study away, which can be domestic and international. Over 200 programs. Financial aid will transfer with this program
• Research is highly accessible to all students
• Meets 100% of financial need for all students
• If you receive financial aid you also receive your books and supplies for free
• Endowment of $2 billion
• Will super score both the SAT and ACT. Do not require the writing section for either and do not require or recommend subject tests
• Can submit an art supplement
• 60% of freshman have a single room that is part of a suite

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