Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA

Passing through Worcester, MA today, I made a point to visit Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) to view the campus and surrounding area in person. As I always tell my clients, colleges come to life and have their own unique personality when you visit the campus, hence why visiting is such an important piece of the college search process.

The area surrounding the school was very nice, a pleasant surprise and the campus truly beautiful. WPI is a highly respected Engineering institution with a hands on environment. Even though academics are rigorous the student body is not equally as competitive.

Knowledge is power on this campus and many thirst for it. Students say there is a great social life on and off campus and while during the week students are academically engaged they also know how to let go on the weekends. Although there is a level of “geekiness” on campus there is also an active Greek community. Everyone finds their group of people to be with and this is definitely not a school where students don’t leave their room and study day in and day out. See below for some statistics and information and attached for photo’s.

• 4123 undergraduates
• 44% of students are accepted
• 70% male
• Average GPA of incoming freshman – 3.8, Average SAT – 620 – 690 and Average ACT 30
• Plenty of clubs and activities on campus
• Off campus there is plenty of cultural attractions and great restaurants
• Worcester is a college town meeting students from other neighboring colleges (WPI, Holy Cross)

Visit the Worcester Polytechnic Institute website.