Writing Your College Essay: What’s Important

Writing Your College Essay: What’s Important

A College Admissions Counselor’s Perspective: What’s Important When Writing Your College Essay

During my association’s conference earlier this month (IECA), I was fortunate enough to attend one of the seminars with a discussion led by 3 universities (Syracuse, Wellesley and University of Richmond) on what they look for when reading their applicants college essays, the personal statement and “Why this college?” As I begin to work with my juniors, soon to be rising seniors, on their essays, I wanted to pass along some of these bullet point “golden nuggets” in hopes to help you understand what they may be looking for.

The Primary Essay/Personal Statement
• Get started early! Begin to organize yourself
• No spelling errors – Although this sounds like a no-brainer you would be surprised and how many have errors
• Essays can tell how good of a roommate you will be, how you will contribute to campus
• Wellesley – Less formality
• You need to know yourself, what you want vs. what your parents want
• Reflection, resources, research

The “Why this college?” Essay
• Tells the school “How much do you like us.”
• Tie the school into the essay
• – Do research about the school and incorporate into the essay – This will show how serious the student is about our school
• The Wellesley 100 – The 100 things great about Wellesley – Read through them all
• Do in-depth research, not just a peripheral search
• Where did they get that information and is it confirmed
• What does this particular university provide for me

If you have any questions about the college admissions process or the above information please do not hesitate to contact me at info@signaturecollegecounseling.com or by phone, 845.551.6946.