You’ve Decided What College to Attend!  Congratulations!

You’ve Decided What College to Attend!  Congratulations!

I sit here, as I do each year, reflecting on the experiences with all the families I helped through their college journey. There’s no better feeling in the world. For the student, their family, and me as well. When I hear that a student received their “big manila envelope” and when they make the important and fulfilling choice of the school they are going to attend, I celebrate, too. I went through this process with my three children, I had to navigate through the same unchartered territory as my clients, and remember those packages and choices, and what it meant for all of us. I enjoyed that work so much, I went on to get certified in the College Admissions Counseling field and have never looked back, enjoying every journey I undertake with my students and their families.

Knowing that we (the student, the family and I), went through something remarkable, that is, pursuing their college admissions journey, and seeing all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together in the end.

It’s emotional, it’s the unknown, a lot of fears can emerge, and the financial process can be daunting. It’s also complicated, and what one family experienced in their application process will be entirely different for your family; doing what your neighbor has done will probably not be the best for you.

But, once the application process is understood, the fears lessen, and it does get easier. I know. I’ve seen it time and time again. Those big manila envelopes arriving, the heart-wrenching choice of where to attend delivers a sense of satisfaction that only can be appreciated and celebrated by those who have gone through the process. Sheer joy.
Wishing all of you who have made it through your journey only the best with the next chapter of your life.

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